Stripes are coming in from all directions for next fall. Mitered placements and sharp angles elevate the pattern from the classic to the unconventional. Uneven spacing, varied widths and vivid …see more


    Fur trim is no longer just for outerwear. As seen in the current Norman Norell exhibit at The Museum at FIT,  the plush detail adds a sense of luxury to suits, blazers, …see more

  • Pink Re-think

    The newest pink is not the meditative, gender-bending, leaning-towards-neutral millennial pink. For next spring, designers explore the gutsy bubblegum varieties of the hue, made even more sticky sweet with tulle …see more

  • Silver Lining

    Silver is the metal of choice for next spring. The cool steely surface can have a futuristic, industrial feel, but this season those attributes are softened with patchworks, fur trims, …see more

  • Scarlet Fever

    In the 1938 film Jezebel, Bette Davis’ rebellious southern belle character chooses to wear a red dress to the ball. Even in the film’s black-and-white, the rich gray created by …see more

  • Radical Transparency

    Perhaps it’s the current call for transparency in politics and business that is inspiring all the pellucid fabrics on the runways. These filmy layers are especially effective for see-through outerwear. …see more

  • Sweet Dreams

    Demure dresses resemble delicate nightgowns from past eras. Long-sleeved silhouettes with drawstring necklines and loose shapes call to mind simple undergarments from the 1800’s, while ruffles and pintucked details take inspiration …see more


    While a prim, buttoned-up Amish aesthetic has been around for a few seasons, the look is evolving with more color, more detail, and the emergence of folkloric print motifs that …see more


    Time was, wearing a bra in public was either the stuff of fantasy (vintage Maidenform ads) or a signal that the wearer is engaged in the oldest profession (as shown …see more


    Of all the wondrous pieces on display at the recent Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern show at the Brooklyn Museum, amid the delicate hand-sewn blouses, freshly pressed wrap-dresses and austere Balenciaga coats, …see more