Celestial blues make a gentle yet powerful statement for next season. Pale tints that take their cue from sunny skies or limpid pools look even more dreamy in diaphanous nylons or fluid satins. Designers used these blues in head-to-toe ensembles or in clashing totals, as in a turquoise sweater with a pale blue skirt and lilac boots. For a contrasting note, a flash of goldenrod yellow brings in an offbeat accent to a crystal pleated skirt.

Sally LaPointe Cruise-Resort 2020
Nehera Cruise-Resort 2020
Kate Spade Cruise-Resort 2020
Karen Walker Cruise-Resort 2020
Claudia Li Cruise-Resort 2020
Hellessy Cruise-Resort 2020


Saturated shades of yellow hit the runway for next fall. Shades range from goldenrod to ochre to greenish olive-oil tones and are used for everything from casual utility styles to soft dresses. The sunny colors look right in solids or as grounds for prints; the season’s cozy plaids get a nice uplift from yellow too. Designers work sulfurous shades in tonal ensembles or accent with black for maximum pop.

Private Policy Fall-Winter 2020
Claudia Li Fall-Winter 2020
Christopher John Rogers Fall-Winter 2020
Ulla JOhnson Fall-Winter 2020
Red Valentino Fall-Winter 2020
Jonathan Cohen Fall-Winter 2020